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Being the very best is tough at times. But we accomplish this through a unique mix at our studio. By combining the best instructors, with the best facilities, and best support groups we have truly become the best dance studio on the west coast.

However, we don't stop there. Certainly we hope that your daughter or son will learn to appreciate dance. But we also teach the other less tangible but very important qualities like respect, poise, and self-confidence. We hope that you will leave here richer with fun experiences and valuable life lessons.

Please feel free to stop-by and check-out our studio. We are sure that you'll love our three beautiful dance floors. We have a large waiting area just so parents can watch their children dance 365 days a year!




Here's what our parent's have to say:

   "Dance has been a wonderful experience for my child. She has learned the meaning of hard work and its rewards. At Yoko's, hard work is mandatory...and the rewards have been lasting. Thanks Yoko. " - E.J. Allen

   "Finding the best dance studio in the area was my goal. I was very fortunate to find Yoko Young. Poise, discipline, technique, balance, and the best teachers makes this studio so special. Thank you Yoko for meeting our goals and I can honestly say we made the best decision to go to your studio nine years ago" - Karen Bebee

   "...Our daughter has learned that if you set high goals in life, and are willing to put forth your best effort in obtaining those goals, you gain character, confidence, and a sense of pride that will carry you throughout your life." - Rich and Sue Carson (Click here for the full text.)

   "My daughter has continued with her dance education at Yoko's Performing Arts Academy because she wants to continue to grow as a dancer. She has enjoyed the friendships she has made, the level of discipline and committment of the teachers and staff. Frankly, we haven't been able to find that level of excellence anywhere close. Also, my daughter has fun when she comes here. Personally, we've made some life time friends." - Sharon Davis

   "Yoko's Dance & Performing Arts promotes camaraderie, support, and friendship between dancers. The friendships last well beyond each student's association with the studio.
   At the end of every performance, everyone can sense the pride and enthusiasm coming from each dancer."
- Dave & Jan Lanier

   "I bring my kids to Yoko's for the professionalism, the discipline, and the overall expression of dance. This expression is not only made possible through competitions, but also through the symphony and other outlets we attend." - Paul McMahon

Click for larger picture   "In three short years at Yoko's, my daughter has learned wonderful dance technique, established great friendships and travelled to Japan on an Ambassador Dance Tour. The competition season is very exciting and we look forward to "Nationals" in Las Vegas and Disneyland." - Brenda Ober

   "My daughter, Jennifer, started her dancing at Yoko's studio when she was seven years old. She is now 13. During the years, she has not only learned how to dance, but she has also gained a new family. I am very confident that with the discipline, guidance, and love she receives everyday, she will lead a complete and wonderful life. " - Terri Phan