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"These web pages are dedicated to information and news brought to you by my studio's terrific, hard-working, couldn't do without them, Parents' Guild.
" - Yoko

The Parents' Guild was established to promote camaraderie, studio spirit, sportmanship, and of course fun. Social activities are sponsored by the Guild to provide dancers and parents time to get to know each other and build enthusiasm in the studio. Parents of all our dancers are invited to join us at our monthly meetings.
* All monies collected by the Parent's Guild is used to benefit our students.


2010-2011 Board
Nancy Lee
Vice President: JR Garcia
Jessica Guerrero
Co-Treasurers: Sue & Richard Carson

Publicity/Competition Coordinator: Marlene Ellis
Members at Large: Corrie Budnik, Sharon Davis, Jennifer Jankowski, David Lau, Joanne Ma, Mary Ann Maduro, Kathy Mori, Annalise Olsen, Eugene Sanchez, Apryl Taylor